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Taking A Chance For Love - Paperback

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Joshua Howard arrived in Arizona for his uncle’s funeral, not expecting to become the heir to a large orange grove. But the inheritance came with conditions. He had to live on the grove and work it for a full year. The conditions weren't the worst part, things went from bad to worse when he discovered the grumpy, but incredibly sexy caretaker, Clay.

Clay Masters had lost everything, his engineering job, his husband and even his parents. Now he worked at the groves. His autism meant he struggled to handle the emotional fallout, but the routine and order of the groves helped. He was managing fine until the new owner, Joshua, showed up and sparked an attraction that threw his well-ordered world into chaos.

Misunderstandings and high emotions coupled with blinding attraction make it even more challenging for Joshua and Clay as they work together to save the orange groves. Will they be able to save the groves and explore the feelings developing between them?