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Suzie Empowered - Paperback

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Suzie struggles to overcome her past when her perpetrator returns intent on silencing her. Can she overcome her hatred and save her new relationship?

Suzie has rejected men since her prom date tried to rape her years ago… well, all except the gay ones. As her life blossomed with a spectacular career on Broadway and friends who supported and loved her; relationships with men have continued to wither on the vine. Then Indi showed up turning her life upside down.

Indi loves what he does. He is an agent to the stars… even if none of his clients are exactly… stars. When he meets Suzie his world is turned upside down. She’s beautiful, talented, smart, fun; and he wants her like he’s never wanted any other woman in his life. Unfortunately for him, the Broadway diva immediately puts the brakes on.

Just as Suzie begins to overcome her trauma and develop trust for Indi, the past shows back up in the form of her attempted rapist running for a senate seat; and he’ll stop at nothing to silence her.

In this hurt to comfort, soul mates romance, Suzie and Indi fight to overcome this new threat to their relationship but will they be able to keep her past from destroying them both?

To my gay readers: This is a straight romance involving several gay characters.